Family Therapy

Family therapy is a good way to connect with family members and address issues that are facing today’s families.  Problems and conflicts are common in families as we are constantly learning how to live with and around each other.


As the popular saying goes, there is no manual for parenting.  There are many different theories and ideas about how to raise children.  Most of these theories and ideas come from our own experiences as children.  Whether we accept and repeat how our parents parented us or reject this style of parenting, it plays a role and has influence over the style of parenting that you will use.  Parenting today, however, is much different than it used to be.  Due to the unique issues that our children face we need to be able to adapt our style of parenting.  At the heart of parenting it’s really no different than any other relationship in that a good foundation will be love and respect.  But it is also our duty to teach our children about life and we would do so by the use of structure, limits, boundaries, and discipline.  Too often the teaching role become the main focus as our job as parents and we neglect the relationships that we have with our children.  Cameron uses Emotion Coaching techniques with parents and their children.  Emotion Coaching is a method that is backed by research that help children to learn behavioral and emotional regulation.  If parenting has been a struggle for you and your family or if you just want to improve relationships with your children, contact me today to see how your family can benefit from family therapy.

Family Relationships

Family relationships don’t stop when when children leave the home.  Our family relationships generally are our longest lasting relationships throughout the lifespan.  So whether it is difficulties between adult siblings or parents and an adult child, family therapy can help.  Many people think that just because they are from the same family they are not afforded the right to healthy boundaries.  Boundaries are an essential part of any healthy relationship.  Please call if you or someone you know could benefit from developing and maintaining appropriate boundaries in a relationship.


As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I am an advocate for marriage.  However, there are times when two people can just not mend a damaged and broken relationship.  Divorce is hard for everyone involved and brings a flood of emotions and challenges.  Common challenges and issues that are important to address with divorce are:

  • Grief/loss
  • Betrayal
  • Mistrust
  • Being single again
  • Co-parenting
  • Emotional healing

These are issues that are faced by not only the couple that is getting divorced but by children, extended family, and friends.  If your are going through a divorce and would like help in coping and adjusting to a new lifestyle, please call to arrange family counseling for you and your loved ones.

Blended Families

There are many unique problems that blended families face. When done with patience and understanding it can lead to a beautiful result.  However, it can be a tough and emotional process.  There are many developing relationships that are interconnected when children and extended families are involved.  if you feel that you could benefit from any of the areas listed below then family counseling would be a healthy option for your new family.

  • Bonding with step children
  • Boundaries with a spouses ex-husband/wife
  • Developing relationships with new in-laws
  • Parenting and Expectations